Authenticity & Fashion

The growth of the internet has helped spawn a conveyor belt of fashion & lifestyle brands who now have the opportunity to reach a consumer like never before. In fact, Matt Powell, the well respected NPD analyst claimed 2018 was the year of the small brand. Why? start ups have to act differently to recognized brands in order to compete. They have to remain pure. Authentic.

Each year we see the next hottest brand, or brands blow up and then fade away before they’ve started. So why do some succeed and some fail? Well, there are no guarantees for any brand, but the ones that do succeed all have a similar trait. They remain true to who they are, what they are trying to achieve, and who they are targeting. They are storytellers through the product they create and experiences they deliver

At Cook, we believe that it has to be more than what you see when you wear something, it’s also the feeling, the discovery, the story, the whole reason for being.

At the heart of the brand is its roots. Its history. Cook is built around the celebration of the  world’s great explorers, the people who helped shape things as we know it now. Those who dared to dream. We believe that in order to build the future, you need to know your past. That is why everything we create at Cook, has links back to the navigators of old, celebrating their stories, whilst learning from their mistakes. Using our history to put wrongs right, whilst creating great product & stories for today’s explorers to wear and love.

We are only going to continue to see more and more brands start-up, and it’s refreshing to see new ideas, and new competition to the big brands, but when you are next looking at their proposition or considering whether to purchase something, ask yourself the question….Why?