We are a brand that is all about sharing common experiences, telling your stories of travel and adventure. We also happen to make limited clothing runs to join you on your adventures. These capsules tell the stories of incredible feats of exploration throughout time, as well as highlight memorable locations on the travel circuit.

Our aim is to be as gentle on the environment as possible. But are we a sustainable brand? The answer to that is a complicated one as even if you use the most sustainable materials, but churn them out by the thousands, they will inevitably end up in landfill. So our philosophy is around limited edition runs, using materials that are better for the environment, that last a long time. With timeless design we want bosun product to be with you on all of your future adventures

Finally, our goal is to create a sense of kinship around common experiences. Our community of travellers believe in doing what is right and leaving behind a better place than you showed up to.

Bosun, the sun always rises.

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