Cook’s first journey

I grew up reading and dreaming about Captain Cook – this working-class guy who had dreams of something bigger for his life. 


He became a Captain in the Royal British Navy, a position normally associated with royalty!

Where Captain Cook began

He set off into the unknown on three occasions to discover and chart the world. His first trip on-board the ship, Endeavour in 1768, was initially heading towards the South Pacific to observe the transit of Venus – which at the time was seen as a very important mission in scientific research for the British government. Other nation’s leaders also recognized the importance and allowed Cook safe passage through hostile waters. 


They set off from Plymouth in August 1768 and travelled via Madeira, Rio De Janeiro and Tierra Del Fuego to reach Tahiti In April 1769 in order to give them time for the observation in June of that year.

Tahiti tourism Lookout view of mountain and greenery

Unfortunately, the transit sighting of the planet was flawed as the equipment wasn’t good enough, but Cook and his men fell in love with the people of Tahiti. They were attracted by the friendly people of the paradise isle and returned on many occasions. 


Just as he was planning to leave Tahiti, two members of the crew decided to desert, having fallen in love with two local girls!

The Compass Beside A Blue Book With A Cross On The Cover. On top of Map


However, forced back on the ship, Cook had orders for another secret mission. He was told to open a letter once in the South Pacific with his next set of orders. To find the fabled Southern Continent, Terra Australis

Captain Cook portrait

Fashion inspired by his first journey

The first season’s collection will tell the story of Cook’s first venture into the unknown – his visit to Tahiti & the people he met – launching in April 2020 as a tribute to when Cook met these wonderful people of the South Pacific.